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Strategy without Leadership is no Strategy
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Welcome to Third Rail Group

The term Third Rail in today's urban vernacular is used to refer to a difficult problem to discuss much less solve. In our language, it means the ability meet challenges head on with innovation, determination and leadership to deliver real world results.

Third Rail Group is a consulting firm providing expertise through the entire transportation supply chain from conception to development to ongoing management. We pioneered the crude-by-rail industry, multi-commodity multi-modal distribution facilities and complex expert systems to manage these enterprises.

We are experts in business development, sales and marketing and logistics systems across many different industry sectors including hydro-carbons, lumber, fertilizers, metals, grain and more.

For us, theory is great but results matter. Our approach is based on real world experience delivering results that maximize profitability. Understanding the true costs of getting your products to market is just one of the ways we achieve real results. Read on to find out many other ways we can help.

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Innovation & Technology

Logistics Systems Development

IT Project Management

Expert Systems Design


Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SRED) Applications 

Electronic Commerce             ANSI x12 EDI

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Business Development

Multi-Modal, Multi-Commodity Terminals

Terminal Permitting and Development

Development of New Products and Services

Information Technology Applications

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Sales & Marketing

Shipper Contract Negotiations

Sector Analyses

Development of New Products and Services

Marketing Materials, Web Content, Conferences

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Logistics & Operations

Rail and Truck Contract Negotiations

Transload Terminal Operations

Rail Shipment Management

Intermodal Management

Dimensional Load Management

Equipment Fleet Management

Railcar Storage

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